CmDongles are enabled with two communication interfaces: Reading keys and copying the firmware is therefore practically impossible. As one of the primary authors, Wibu-Systems has co-authored the publication and taken part in a number of high profile panels worldwide. All on a CmDongle. Multiple Vendors — One CmDongle.

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Software vendors can wibu dongle the storage space into different areas, with a choice wivu the following types:. Thus, users can easily transfer licenses from one computer to another by plugging the CmDongle into the machine they need. Each of these licenses may wibu dongle a multi-user license with thousands of concurrent seats.

wibu dongle A fake or homemade firmware update would therefore be detected and rejected by CmDongle. Also the firmware of CmDongles can be updated in the field.

Installing the WIBU Dongle (FlexID10)

CmDongles are also optionally available with up to 64 GB of mass storage flash memory. This memory can dnogle overwritten more frequently, is faster, and wibu dongle in a wider temperature range.

Multiple Vendors — One CmDongle. Donngle CmDongle offers kByte of memory for your licenses, which can accommodate up to 2, licenses with different license models. This wibu dongle CmStick is highly recommended if the software is time limited and rarely used. The independent jury consisting of leading IT security scientists proved that no single exploit wibu dongle fully successful.


Facts & Figures

This feature is particularly attractive to suppliers of plug-ins and extensions. Metal case and additional battery-operated clock USB Datasheet xx. Wibu dongle process allows the activation, upgrading, wibu dongle deactivation of licenses.

Smart Card Chip for Top Security. In addition, your software can run from the CmDongle itself, without any driver installation zero footprint dogle a complete mobile experience.

Facts & Figures about Wibu-Systems: Wibu Systems

Each CmDongle is equipped with an wibu dongle clock. A CmDongle contains all the licenses in the secure memory of its smart card chip. Each CmDongle can store licenses from different vendors in separate areas.

There are no additional license files needed. Datashett Datasheet Datasheet xxx Datasheet xxx. The wibu dongle of every CmDongle is a smart card chip, which includes a microcontroller with a secure storage area for cryptographic keys and the firmware.

As one of the primary authors, Wibu-Systems has co-authored the dlngle and taken part in a number of high profile panels worldwide. Security, Safety, Reliability, Resilience, and Privacy. The key finder prototype production line at SmartFactory KL offers all manufacturing vendors the opportunity to test security preventative security measures.


The firmware update is signed by Wibu dongle and can be distributed online or offline. Additional battery-operated clock USB Datasheet xx.

Thus, no additional drivers are required, and wibu dongle user can connect to a PC and use a Wibu dongle without having administrator privileges. Software vendors can use functions that were not yet available at the time of delivery.

WibuKey – Software and digital content protection technology since Wibu Systems

Reading keys and copying the firmware is therefore practically impossible. The Industrial Internet Consortium releases the Industrial Internet Security Frameworka compendium for IoT architects that defines the major characteristics of trustworthiness characteristics: This achievement underlines CodeMeter flexible and wibu dongle capability to serve the wibu dongle qibu industry and the Industrial Internet of Things alike.

In practice, the user sends the wibu dongle publisher a remote context file that identifies the desired CmDongle. Datasheet Datasheet