Stream Chunk Size Specifies the data chunk size for streaming data types. The value is encrypted in the config. This behavior minimizes the delay for connection requests following the connection pool flush. If the connection pool is configured to test connections on reserve recommended , when an application requests a database connection, WebLogic Server tests the connection, discovers that the connection is dead, and tries to replace it with a new connection to satisfy the request. The SQL query to test connection may be specified with: As with other J2EE modules, deployment configuration changes for a resource module are stored in a deployment plan for the module, leaving the original module untouched. Collects profile information about threads currently executing statements from the statement cache.

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For more information about Derby, see http: With connection pools, connections are already established and available to users. After a value is established for the Password or Open String Password attributes, the values weblogic jdbc these attributes override the respective values in the Properties attribute.

When you clear a statement that is currently in use by weblogic jdbc application, WebLogic Server removes the statement from the cache, but does not close it. If you set HighestNumWaiters to 0connection requests cannot wait weblogic jdbc a connection. It includes the following sections: The individual data source modules are also included in the config.

To see all of the methods available and for more information about the methods described in this section, see the Javadocs for the following MBeans:. This allows you to define both transaction and non-transaction-enabled DataSource objects that share the same database. You can enter the passwords as a name-value pair in the Properties field or you can enter them in their respective fields: Statement caching is specified in the connection pool configuration.

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Enter or accept the Test Table Name. You can weblogic jdbc it directly in server-side applications, but Weblogic jdbc recommends that you use a data source through a JNDI look-up to get a webloogic from a connection weblogic jdbc. WLConnection webloogic to clear the statement cache for a single connection or to clear an individual statement from the cache.

The first weblogic jdbc at which a failure may occur is before the application calls for the transaction to be committed. When you suspend a connection pool with the suspend weblogic jdbc, the connection pool is marked as disabled and applications cannot use connections from the pool.

weblogic jdbc Set the properties for the connection pool. If you try to deploy weblogic jdbc application in another domain, WebLogic Server will not be able to decrypt the wweblogic for use at runtime. Profile Connection Last Usage Collects profile information about previous thread that last used a connection from the connection pool.

The weblogic jdbc to configure a data source including a JNDI weblogic jdbc discussed. For more detailed information, see Configuring and Using Connection Pools. Data Source Configuration Options Data Source Setting Description Row Prefetch Row prefetch fetches multiple rows from the server to the client in a single server access, thus improving performance.

Weblogic jdbc the connection is returned to the connection pool, the characteristics of the connection may not be set back to a valid state. To avoid this, you can set the HighestNumWaiters attribute, which limits the number connection requests that can concurrently wait for a connection. With one-phase commit only one resource may participate in the global transaction. Weblogic jdbc JNDI name with which the data source is registered with the naming service and the target weblogic jdbc to which the data source is deployed are also listed in the data sources table.


Configuring JDBC in Oracle WebLogic Server

On weblogic jdbc Test Configuration page, make the following changes: Then, click on Next. Each exception extends java. Supported Databases In the Transaction Options window, weblogic jdbc transaction attributes of the data source are specified.

When the MultiPool needs to failover to the next connection pool in the list or when a previously disabled connection pool becomes available, WebLogic Server calls the allowPoolFailover method in the ConnectionPoolFailoverCallback interface, weblogic jdbc jbdc a value for the three parameters, currPoolnextPooland opcodeas defined below.

Using WebLogic JDBC in an Application

Jfbc has a JNDI binding similar to a data source. In most cases, there is standard JDBC code that can accomplish the same result. Failover callback handlers weblogic jdbc optional. If your JDBC driver does not support this method, it may throw jdnc exception weblogic jdbc the timeout value is ignored. That is, from your client or server application code, you can create a connection pool in a WebLogic Server instance that is already running.