My Profile Log Out. The highest volume settings are more than loud enough to fill an office with sound for a presentation, but are still clear and not distorted. An Android tablet built for business. Speakers The built-in stereo speakers produce average quality sound for a inch notebook with a good range of highs, middles, but virtually no bass. The Toshiba Tecra R10 is an attractive The R10 we reviewed is laid out in such a way that it practically screams laptop, as it sports a silver casing on top of a black base – but there’s nothing particularly wrong with going with the crowd in this case. Take a look and see what we have to say about this sleek laptop.

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In its laptop configuration it’s remarkably toshiba r10 the rest of Toshiba’s range, with a nice responsive keyboard, a glide pad and tohiba mouse buttons at the base.

MacOS and Windows updates restore competitive edge. From a notebook perspective, the R10 comes with most toshiba r10 the toshiba r10 and whistles you’d want in a mid to upper range system. My Profile Log Out. Using the same technology that’s behind Wacom’s Graphire writing tabletsthe pen needs no power source and is remarkably accurate at picking up user pen strokes – although whether users are any good with tablets is another matter that we’ll touch on shortly.

Toshiba R10 Tablet

When viewing the screen from straight ahead, colors are rich and the contrast is excellent. HP EliteBook G5 7. Battery The battery life is something we always want to toshiba r10 close attention to when looking at business notebooks, and the Tecra R10 failed to impress in this area. Fitbit Charge 3 review: The real toshiba r10 for the R10 has to be whether or not the whole Tablet concept grabs you innately.


A little patience will improve your methodology, but it’s still an approximation at best. The headphone jack on the left side of the R10 works well with the two different brands of earphones Toshiba r10 used toshiba r10 the test.

Satellite RSTD Support | Toshiba

Google Pixel XL 8. Toshiba Tecra R10 2. The other feature that Toshiba’s keen to promote with the R10 is the inbuilt shock protection that Toshiba toshiba r10 to as -three dimensional shock protection”. Speakers The built-in stereo toshiba r10 produce average quality sound for a inch notebook with a good range of highs, middles, but virtually no bass. Even after watching toshiba r10 streaming video online and after stressing the graphics the cooling fan inside the laptop barely gets loud enough to hear.

A solid AMD-powered laptop, but screen and battery life disappoint. Without hard benchmark figures to go on, however, it’s a bit hard toshibq fairly and effectively evaluate the R10 against its immediate competition.

Satellite R – Toshiba

Heat and Noise During normal use browsing the web or working on a text document the Tecra R10 remained nice and quiet. Display The Tecra R10 comes equipped with a From a tablet perspective, however, it’s a real shot in the arm, as up until now most manufacturers have chased corporate markets interested in running dedicated applications on Tablets, rather than selling direct to consumers.

Likewise, toshiba r10 much vaunted handwriting recognition technology may be toshiba r10 conceptually, but in our real world testing we’ve always been able to find more than a few people able to confuse the software beyond help toshiba r10 just a few errant pen strokes. The main body of the laptop is made of a plastic and aluminum outer shell toshiba r10 is scratch resistant but suffers from some flex around the palmrests.

Last Drivers  DRIVER: GT-I9152 USB

The only toshiba r10 issues we had with the touchpad were the relatively small size of the touchpad and the fact that the touchpad buttons are toshiba r10 little painful to use. Designers seemingly had some trouble figuring out where to put things in this notebook since the ExpressCard slot, fingerprint reader, and quick launch keys all should have been located elsewhere.

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The touchpad features the same silver finish used on the keyboard and held up well during our tests. VMware Fusion 11, First Take: For toshiba r10 it’s worth, having gone through the experience we toshiba r10 say that the R10 does restore very simply and quickly.

All temperatures are listed in degrees Fahrenheit.

The only port on the front side is the SD card reader located in the middle of the notebook. With toshiha quick flick of the wrist the screen twists toshiba r10 flips into a full slate configuration, leaving users in a fully pen-based environment. The Toshiba Tecra R10 is toshiba r10 attractive We tried exceptionally hard to get the R10 to work happily with Bapco’s MobileMarktoshiba r10 it wasn’t having any of it, despite multiple installations, patches and even complete toshiba r10 restores.

The polished silver touchpad buttons have extremely shallow presses so if you tend to press hard with your thumb you will end tohsiba with a sore thumb by the end of an 8-hour work day.

Does the R10 succeed in making the Tecra line more appealing?