I like the software, it’s nice and simple. The reverb sounds tinny and cheap, the EQ leaves much to desire, though is workable, and same with the compressor plug. The icing on the cake is the VRM technology that allows you to simulate different rooms and speaker pairs in your headphones. Focusrite Saffire Pro 24 by brianellefson I’ve owned mine for about a year now. The pres are transparent and gained well, not too hot and not too low but juuuuust right.

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The controls are small but easily accessible since they are well spaced out.

Focusrite Saffire Pro 24

The interface is provided with a six-pin FireWire cable, a mains adapter in saffiee the computer’s FireWire interface cannot provide enough powera “lite” version of Ableton Live 8one GB of “Loopmasters” samples, the Novation Bass Station virtual saffire pro 24, and the drivers CD, of course.

Scarlett Solo [2nd Gen].

Saffire pro 24 reverb sounds tinny and cheap, the EQ leaves much to sxffire, though is workable, and same with the compressor plug. The selection between instrument and line source must be made via the MixControl software because the interface does not provide any input level selector. But for some reason on my new iMac, I’ve never had to open that software up – not once.

Saffire pro 24 also takes into account the shape of the human head in order to recreate an adequate stereo imaging. The routing functions are very flexible and you can create up to eight different mixes assignable to the line or headphones outs.


Each plugin is provided with factory presets you can select directly savfire the GUI. Review this product Get the facts. Subscribe to our free newsletter Subscribe.

Scarlett Solo [1st Gen].

Focusrite Saffire Pro 24 – User review – Gearslutz

It has certain distance and pan settings as well as speaker emulations to get that ”expensive mixing room sound” don’t let the marketing get to you, haha. All in all its a quality IO, with the legendary Focusrite pre-amp sound quality. This things does not dissapoint in any way. The main advantage of this function is that it allows you to mix with a pair of headphones and listen to your work saffire pro 24 different configurations without standing up from your seat we all know how tiring that can be Maybe I saffire pro 24 that choice because the old saffire pro 24 did sound good when it wasn’t causing me problems, maybe I was just hoping the newer products would work better.

Skip to main content. I owned it for a year and replaced it with RME Babayface. I contacted focusrite on this to see if it was a faulty unit and they said ;ro the pots are not linear and will often need to be cranked. The Focusrite saffie is very pleasant to use, saffire pro 24 is a breeze and we had no problems during our test.

Maybe ‘design classic’ saffire pro 24 too much but the unit szffire doesn’t disappoint and Focusrite are an established and innovative company with a good reputation for support.


The preamps work effectively even if we had to bring the gain control to 9 to get a good-enough level when we recorded our Gibson J acoustic guitar with an Oktava MK microphone.

Saffire PRO 24 User Guide | Focusrite

While the build quality is nothing to get excited about, after 3 years it’s as good as new. There are several operating modes available, as well as a side chain to control the gate of the second channel with the signal of the first channel and vice versa.

Guitars sound good too – through the DI and mic’d. You lro get a pair of line-ins in addition to the 1 and 2 saffir, great for doing keys and singing, or DI guitar, etc. I only saffire pro 24 it a 9 because I know there are better out there, just not for the saffire pro 24.

Saffire PRO 24 User Guide

Scarlett 18i8 [2nd Gen]. VRM uses both convolution and modeling technologies: Now for years I have been using a Lexicon Omega.

Below you’ll see that Focusrite provides several plugins for recording The recorded audio is crystal clear. Hosted by Nimbus Saffire pro 24.

This installer includes all necessary drivers and software to run the firewire Saffire range of Focusrite interfaces.