This is somewhat a drawback of this device. Dont blame the product for something YOU most likely did. Up to 14 hours of continuous audio playback is achieved by the rechargeable battery, and an optional wired remote gives the player an FM tuner and microphone. If anything i will wait. But I don’t really know how well the Zen Micro’s earphones perform. The SanDisk Sansa eR would later be the only other player to have this feature.

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Confirming something needs to be done by gently ticking the touch pad. I have a thick leather case, which absorbs shock and stops connections being loosend when I drop it. I am so bummed.

Creative zen micro 4gb think its an HD problem. I originally looked at an ipod of some sort, but wanted more bang for my buck. Creative Labs, the American subsidiary of Creative Technology Limitedwas awarded a patent on a music management interface now commonly seen on audio players, including the Apple iPod by the US Patent and Trademark Office on 25 August[42] having applied for it on 5 January The pad is way too sensitive even if adapted to “low” sensetivity and makes it almost impossible to select something creative zen micro 4gb.

It was one of the first I read when I was looking into a new player. Accessories for the ZEN Micro include matching color speakers, wireless headsets and a wired remote control.

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The first models branded as a “Zen” were then released under the now-defunct NOMAD line, and have an anodized aluminium case. The Touchpad didn’t work, it didnt light up.

Creative Zen Micro (4GB, black) Overview – CNET

I used the iPod Mini that a friend had. Ensures smooth operation of your player’s FM Radio. Which one will you be?

You need creative zen micro 4gb stapler. I feel that you need a product for a while before your review. It is now happy again and I’m backing up my music to my computer again which I do every few months anyway Yes, I’ll admit it creative zen micro 4gb me with a problem today, but this is the FIRST time zzen the last 5 years that it has done this, and I’ll accept that it is my fault because I didn’t clean the disk before now!

But then after the warranty ran out, the hard creattive went bad. It has not worked since then.

Creative Zen

This would have been the second or third time that i had charged it. My big problem– I bought the Creative Zen Micro player about a month and a half ago and now, the thing just won’t work!

Some day when the fix the headphone jack, maybe, but for now, don’t bother It just rebuilt the library on its own whenever that happened anyway. It is easy to use otherwise and I think the sound is great. After only 6 months of use, the jack manfunctioned, now the only thing I can hear is statics. Does Creative have an upgrade option? I put my inexpensive Sony MDR-J10 on and immediately I get the sense of openness that just can’t be compared with the solid sound coming out of the original headphones from the zen micro.

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The vertical took some getting used creative zen micro 4gb, but after setting it to high sensitivity, it has worked great ever since. Everyone at my office has different varieties of Creative and have high praise.

Anyway, so far I really dig the Zen Micro, for more reasons than I care to list. Every single time I use my Zen Micro, it freezes creative zen micro 4gb the Creative logo screen.

I wanna know for sure, is it not a good product for running??? The Recovery Mode screen appears with four options: I’m going to see what Sony has now Trying to get this unit repaired equates with the ease of a self-performed lung transplant.

S all i know is somethin about a creative zen micro 4gb but i dono what part of the jack to crwative the staple help?